In some traditions, it is believed that the Universe and everything in it was birthed from sound.

Regaining Balance through Sound Healing

Everything has its own unique vibration – its own sonic footprint.  When there is discord in the vibrational field of a living being or place, this can manifest as an imbalance or sense of dis-ease.  For people, this often shows up as a feeling of physical, mental or emotional disturbance. Sound healing can help to reestablish alignment and harmony in a vibrational field that has been disrupted.

A Sound Healing Session

By using my voice and other instruments, I facilitate your journey toward re-membering the natural, healthy state of your vibrational field on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  If it is appropriate and comfortable for you, you may participate in a sound healing session with your own voice, as well.  You may experience a full session of sound healing or have sound healing integrated into a bodywork/massage therapy session in my beautiful studio in North Berkeley, California.

My Journey as a Sound Healer

I have been singing and exploring sound as a dynamic source of healing and transformation for many years.  The practice of kirtan  (devotional chanting in the yogictradition) and the shamanic practices of many cultures continue to inform and enrich both my personal practice and the Chanting and Sound Healing Circles I co-facilitate with my fellow members of Shakini, a powerful group of women singers and musicians.

I have also collaborated with Troels Folmann, a British Academy Award winning composer who specializes in creating epic and emotional scores for films and video games. He has created a voice library of my singing for composers, which can be found at



Francesca is available for studio and session work with composers and musicians. To contact her, call (510) 524-2924 or send an email.